It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

Yes, I am still around – I just haven’t had time to do a long post and put up some pictures until now.  Right now the Christmas tree is lit and surrounded by a mountain of presents and my wonderful Soyfire candle makes it smell like a real tree. Katie is upstairs with a headache, John is sacked out on the couch and Hilary just finished making a double batch of Orange Balls.  School is now done and I don’t got back until January 5, 2009! I get a full 2 weeks off!  Hooray!! We are in the middle of a snowstorm.  It looks beautiful outside, but I am glad I am inside where it is nice and warm.  With the wind chill it is predicted to go to -7 tonight…BRRRR!  More snow is expected for Sunday and Lindsey is supposed to fly from Charlotte to Portland on Sunday PM.

The One Voice performances of One Quiet Night are now over, as of Sunday PM.  We had a full house for each of the 3 performances.  Everything came together and it really was wonderful.  Due to snowstorms, we ended up doing our Dress Rehearsal AND 2 shows on Saturday!  I guess the most memorable moments were during the Matinee.  One of our two big light boards that were filled with flashlights that spell the word “LIGHTS” fell over right before they were to be on stage for the song “Riggin’ Up the Lights”.  People quickly got all but two back in place and the light show was a BIG hit.  Before and after the song I had people moving props out and back from the “pit” area.  We were in the middle of the most serious part of the show and the main character was singing “Word of God, Speak” when the stage manager told me to look at the monitor and then off the stage…that there were paramedics taking a guy out from the front row on a stretcher!!! I couldn’t believe it, but sure enough the house lights were up and they were there.  We decided to let the Carrie finish her song and if they were still there we would stop the show.  I went to find John and see if he knew what was going on.  He said he thought he had heard someone fall off the stage when he was moving props back, but didn’t see anyone and really didn’t think anyone could do that with all the glow tape we had everywhere.  I looked again across the stage and realized it was Dale, one of our people, being carried out by the paramedics!  By the time Carrie finished singing they were out the door and the show continued.  Dale’s wife and daughters finished the show and then went to the hospital to check on him. Believe it or not, he was there for the second performance! He has done damage to his knee, but he actually came to all of the performances and watched.  He told me he knew he was supposed to go in between 2 monitors, but for some reason he went around the second monitor to go get his prop – and there was no stage or steps.  He laid there and figured his wife, who was also supposed to go down the steps and get a prop, would see him, but she forgot to go move her prop!  SOOO there he lay until a person in the front row called 911!  We were oblivious to ALL of what happened until the paramedics were in the auditorium.  WOW!!  I am so thankful Dale is OK and that we didn’t have that much excitement at the rest of the performances.  After the show John, Hilary, Andrew, Katie and Alex took me to Patrick’s for my birthday dinner – it was great!  Below are some photos taken by Hilary and my friend Krisin Brown.  Thanks ladies for your wonderful photography and willingness to share. ALSO, the box set was AMAZING – beyond what I had asked or imagined (hmmm-sounds like something from the Bible).  It was in 2 parts and they were rolled in for the drama scenes.  PS-ALSO, the backdrop for the waltz scene is an actual reproduction of Norman Rockwell’s Christmas on Main Street in Stockbridge, MA.  We paid a fee for the digital image to use for this weekend. On another note, John, Melodie and I went to college a few miles from Main Street, Stockbridge, MA.  Anyway…enjoy the photos!

















One thought on “It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas…

  1. Karen says:

    Joy – your pictures are amazing! And the story… oh my! Enjoy your vacation! The merriest of Christmases to you!

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