Yesterday was a LONG One Voice day for me – left the house at 1 PM and got back at 9 PM.  John was on call for work and basically showed up and then had to leave…oh well.  I am not as stressed as I was about props etc. and things are falling into place.  We had a great day and church and at the Christmas Brunch that followed.  I sat in the corner at the Brunch and thought, God is bringing people and calling them in HIS way to our church family.  We have been blessed by folks who love children and all of the sudden have 4-5 families who are part of the foster care system and the kids they bring are receiving a lot of love from our people.  It was a nice time together and then I came home and slept for 2-1/2 hours – a much needed nap.

The rest of the day was spent cybershopping and watching part of the PATS game.  I will admit that we changed the channel when it appeared all was lost and didn’t know until LATER that the PATS had pulled it off!  I know Lindsey, bad PATS fans!

My parting thought is this video done by Katie, her roomate, Jess and their friends Tommy and Joshua.  Enjoy…


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