Holiday Happenings…

So, tonight I was the elf that helps children get their photos taken with Santa.  I wore my super-cool coil-spring lighted hat and ran the photo printer and made kids smile.  I had a great time – there were 5 elves and of course, Santa.  Our giving tree is up at school and I have already bought gifts for 4 names on the tree.  I hope to get them wrapped and back to school by Monday.  The kids had their Christmas Concert tonight and the Elfin Fair was going on.  It was BUSY, but a great time for everyone.

Tomorrow John and I have a 5 hour One Voice retreat.  Next week we have dress rehearsals in Guilford and performances begin Saturday afternoon. Sunday is the Christmas Brunch after church. Also, I was asked to teach my workshop for the paraeducators from all the other elementary schools at our inservice on next Wednesday! Yipee!  I love the software program and the chance to train people again.  Next week will be a blur…

Hilary was able to get some Christmas shopping done and is getting ready for finals next week; Katie is too. They will be home on 12/12. Lindsey took the plunge and bought a MAC tonight…since her computer has been on it’s last legs for months – this is a good thing.

The Swing Club at Eastern U had a “Charlie Brown Christmas” Dance Thursday.  Everyone was invited.  Katie helped teach some of the newbies some steps.  She and her dance partner went as Linus and Sally Brown…Here are a few photos.


Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!


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