Christmas in the Air…early…smells a lot like pine boughs.

No – that doesn’t mean it is snowing…although Hilary wants snow. My friend, Terry, set up a wreath making/cookie tasting party at the church for 4 PM today…we were using it as a fun time and an outreach to friends and family.  We had 30 ladies there eating cookies, listening to Christmas music and making lovely wreaths.  Thanks Terry for all your hard work.  Here is my wreath…


I baked Chocolate Crinkle cookies for the party and finished a few more projects and got some more done on the basement project.  I opened a few cardboard boxes to transfer the contents to plastic bins and found some surprises (no, not critters).  When I opened the box that has old yearbooks, writing and poetry in it I found a box in the bottom with old penants and buttons I had collected as a teenager.  I had the penants hung all around the top of my room and Mom gave me fabric to attach all my buttons to.  I brought the box upstairs for Hilary to look through.  She has taken my buttons for a project (says I’ll get them back). After looking through all the penants she suggested I sew them into a quilt…maybe, someday, but for now they are safe in the bin in the basement.  I found the Yo-Yo Quilt my Great Grandmother had made and vacuum sealed it, someday I want to hang it on a quilt rack again.  Lastly, I found the box with the few things I had saved from when the girls were babies.  The quilt Aunt Mary made and the punk crocheted afghan John’s Mom made were in there – very special things.  The pink rosebud dress and bonnet each girl wore when my Dad dedicated them to Lord and the white gown my Dad wore when he was dedicated were in the box.  The last few things were the rocking horse that used to sit on the crib rail and a mobile that was above the girls crib.  I also have the rocking horse my parents gave the girls in the basement. As I reminisced about some of those things, I realized that my Stories in Hand class has gotten me thinking about the important details of my life and the lives of my family.  Unfortunately, I haven’t had time to keep up with all the lessons in the class, but I have access to the class FOREVER! Thank you Jessica Sprague.

Right now I am being amused by John trying “We Ski” on the Wii and Hilary and I laughing and reciting different sections of the Ken Davis rendition of learning to ski from the DVD “A Twisted Mind”.  For Lindsey, Hilary and Katie – right now Dad is doing a “snowplow turn” and is trying to learn how to stop (LOL). Just wait until you are home for the holidays, we will have a BLAST!

Katie and her roomie, Jessica, went to the King of Prussia Mall today (HUGE mall-lucky girls). Here is a picture of them today.


While in a store in the mall I get this picture with this text “I want to make this when I am home…”


Love that monkey bread!


One thought on “Christmas in the Air…early…smells a lot like pine boughs.

  1. Lindsey says:

    haha. Skiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii.

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