Ahhh – Accomplishment!

A good night’s rest puts a new perspective on things.  I got a lot accomplished at school and everything is set for the workshop I am teaching Monday.  I got the studded tires put on John’s truck, fixed supper for 3 (ha – easy – leftovers), cleaned the kitchen and accomplished a huge task of rearranging 2 closets in our bedroom and cleaning off a dresser.  I am always amazed at what I have saved on my dresser – I am getting very good at throwing things away.

It is good having Hilary home – she got a good report from the doctor about her throat. John has an awful cold and right now is “sawing wood” on the couch.  Katie sent me a picture message today at school…here it is:


I can’t believe Philadelphia had snow before we did. Here she is practicing ear-training for music…oh joy…


I really like that photo.  The last two photos are of Hilary and one of great gas prices!



Hooray for lower gas prices! Night!


One thought on “Ahhh – Accomplishment!

  1. karenpelletier says:

    You are doing great ticking things off your list! Your girls are so gorgeous! I love seeing their pictures!

    Gas prices here are happy too… I actually filled up for $1.69 this week!

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