My Grandmother’s Apron…

I had a great day at school, annual physical in the afternoon (all systems a o k), cooked supper and then began putting my Stories in Hand binder together.  It has turned out very nice and would be finished except all of my hole punchers are missing – hmmmm…I can’t get my 3-hole adjusted to punch the 2 holes I need…so the long task of punching everything will have to wait…What does all this have to do with my Grandmother’s apron? Well… Stories in Hand has me thinking (as well as asking questions of John about his memories of things)…I get an RSS feed from Confessions of an Apron Queen – not sure how I got started with that one, but all the vintage aprons remind me of my Grandma Griswold (Nana to the girls).  She always wore an apron (even ironed them…). When she died my Mom gave me a few of her aprons…I still have one reversible one.  I don’t wear it that often because it is one that ties at the waist and, well, I tend to splatter all over me when I cook so go for the bib type. This blog gives aprons away randomly each week, so if you are interested in an apron you can always go check it out at the blog or go to the store .  I just realized I have put in 2 plugs in 2 days for products…not the norm for me…

So, Hilary spent from 8:45 PM to 3:10 AM in the ER at South Shore Hospital.  Her throat had been bothering her and I had made an appointment for her for next week when she is home, but her throat was swelling too much…so we told her to go ahead and get it checked.  After a bazillion tests (and many texts messages from her), they gave her 1000 mg tylenol, steroids and a prescription for a Z-pack antibiotic.  We still aren’t clear on the verdict…she was to get more information today, and of course with HIPAA I can’t get information even though she is on my health insurance policy.  She will still see our Doctor on Friday.  Please keep her in prayer that she feels better and we get some real answers, not just medication.

Do the Happy Friday Dance!


One thought on “My Grandmother’s Apron…

  1. Lorie says:

    I love aprons, but am with you…I need an apron that covers EVERYTHING!!!

    And I hope she feels better soon. And hopefully the Z pack will take care of whatever it is.

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