Happy 25th Lindsey!!!

25 years ago today our lives were changed – Lindsey was born.  Was she a trick or a treat?

After 24+ hours of labor, Lindsey was born and immediately whisked away. I never got to see her.  Within 30 minutes I was signing all kinds of papers for tests for them to find out why she was having breathing difficulties, among other things.  It was all happening so fast and was just a blur.  She was transferred to St. Francis Hospital in Peoria, IL.  She spent the next 10 days in neonatal intensive care.  When she finally got to come home she was in and out of the hospital every 6-8 weeks until she was about 18 months old.  The funny thing is, once we moved to North Carolina she no longer had breathing issues and hasn’t been back in the hospital since.  Allergies remained, but she has survived and thrived…even is she is a skinny as a stick and has no body fat (I have often offered to give her some…).  We are SO proud of her and what God has done in and through her.  Happy Birthday, Linds!  You are a TREAT….

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