Long, but productive week.

This has been a busy week, but I finally feel much better. I didn’t realize how bad I had felt for a few weeks until I started feeling better.  When you get two loads of laundry done before you head to work, you know you are feeling better =p.  Today was a 6 hour One Voice retreat. My drama cast just amaze me.  They are off lines! We went through the entire drama with music filled in where it goes before lunch today! I am so proud of them!  My youngest cast members were spent by about 2 PM.  I needed to take care of some paperwork for the group, so the adults kept them going by having them do each scene using a different voice (whisper, robot, etc.).  There were a lot of giggles, but they were able to continue lines and blocking…so thank you SO much Chris and Carrie.

John stayed in Meredith for their Mission Banquet to hear our friend, Sean Donnelly, speak. I came home, cleaned, mopped, did laundry, got music ready for worship tomorrow and worked on some One Voice stuff.  It feels good to have SO much done!

I hope you had a great Saturday!


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