A lovely day…

Hilary and Andrew came home last night. It was nice to have them around. I had a ladies prayer breakfast at the church this morning and then we all headed to the Sandwich Fair. For those of you not from NH, it is not a Fair of Sandwiches, it is in the beautiful town of Sandwich. I love this fair because it reminds me of an old fashioned country fair.  We enjoyed watching the horse pulling, saw my favorite alpacas, even watched a few horses shows…Melodie-are you proud of me? It reminded me of going with Uncle Hal and Aunt Rachel to horse shows and sitting with Beth and Mandy and shouting “there’s your horse, judge” when Kay and Chip were showing.  We went into the really cool Gothic Arch houses, saw many friends and loved on a couple of the cutest baby boys (thanks to Chris and Kim for Caleb, and Nate and Erin for Aiden). Hilary and Andrew bought knives…a little scary. Actually Hilary got a Swiss Army knife and I’m not sure what kind Andrew’s is, but it is too big for a pocketknife. John and Andrew always try new “critter” foods. This year John tried the buffalo sausage and said it was very good. Andrew had an ostrich cheese burger. He said the cheese overpowered the taste of the meat, but that it was good. I had my once a year lobster roll (eat your heart out Mom) and Hilary had…….a hot dog (she is so creative in her food choices…). We shared onion rings and fried dough – such healthy delights. Hilary and Andrew went on the ferriswheel. After about 4 hours there we gave up and headed home taking the long way to see the gorgeous foliage in Wonalancet.

It was a lovely day!


One thought on “A lovely day…

  1. karenpelletier says:

    Sounds delightful!

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