On Golden Pond…

It’s been a busy week, but a great one. The One Voice retreat yesterday was amazing. The music is coming together, the choreographer was there AND my drama group was able to present Scenes 1-3 OFF LINES!!! They have only had the script for less than 3 weeks!!! I was SO proud of all of them.

We had a good day at church. God has brought a few new famiies in and they are such a blessing. We went from one children’s Sunday School class with 3-5 kids to TWO with 4 kids in one and SIX in another.  When we started the first children’s class my friend Jenna said, “There may only be a few now, but when you pray for rain, you’d better carry an umbrella.” God is showering us with kids again.

We were supposed to go with 2 other Pastors/wives for a motorcycle ride this afternoon; however, John’s bike was in the shop for minor repairs.  The shop had the bike apart so they could pop the pieces in and we could have it for today; however, the wrong parts came in. They offered to put it back together so we could ride, but John told them not to worry about it.  As our friend, Steve, said, “I guess you weren’t supposed to ride today.” We went by truck instead. I am sure some of you will not remember the Henry Fonda/Katherine Hepburn/Jane Fonda movie, “On Golden Pond”.  I remember watching it and (besides hating all the swearing) being in tears as Henry Fonda got lost in the woods he had known for years. This was long before Alzheimer’s was talked about much.  Walter was the BIG, legendary fish of “Golden Pond”.  The movie was filmed on beautiful Squam Lake in Holderness, NH. The 6 of us enjoyed a delicious meal and relaxing time at Walter’s Basin on Squam Lake.  We had a beautiful view of the lake.  I really like the Veggie Quesadilla there.  After lunch they headed back to their homes in Alton and Loudon, NH. Thanks for a great visit Steve, Cindy, Bryce and Barb. We’ve got to get together again soon!

Katie has learned to Swing Dance while at Eastern U. This year she is secretary of Ethel’s Swing Dance Club. Here is a picture of her in action and I thought the quote fits it perfectly! Have a great night.

Wordart compliments of MMDC

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