Rain, Rain, Go Away…

We are still feeling the effects of “IKE”. The rain has made for a few dreary days. Yesterday was busy with a ladies prayer breakfast in the AM and One Voice rehearsal in the late afternoon. There were 10 ladies at the breakfast and we made the decision to move our meeting back to the church – we have outgrown homes. It won’t be as “cozy” an atmosphere, but it will be easier for some people and handicap accessible. One Voice is coming a long. I hope to have my final cast member tomorrow night. Those already chosen are doing a great job working on their lines.

John had a good visit with his folks. He took down a few tree branches for them and evidently rubbed up against some poison ivy. He never reacted to it until a few years ago when he got some in a cut. His arm looks awful right now and he is pretty uncomfortable. Poor baby.  Not much else is new here…did some cleaning and changed a few seasonal clothes around.

I hope you had a great weekend.


2 thoughts on “Rain, Rain, Go Away…

  1. fantacy says:

    My sweet friend, long time no comment huh? I am so sorry for that, but wanted to come here, say hi, & let you know I am thinking about you 🙂
    Things have been crazy then calm, then even more crazy, then scarily calm around here. I miss our blog back and forths and have missed hearing about your many adventures and you lil daily adventure called life 😉
    Praying all is well with you and yours, I read back just a bit. I am hoping to read back further tonight…HUGS and love in Christ my dear sister!

  2. karenpelletier says:

    Oh Joy! Poison Ivy is the worst! Tell John I’m praying for him.

    I’m waiting to hear of another trip to the sunny – NOT RAINY FOR SURE – south!

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