Out of the mouth of babes…

We live in a tourist area (the White Mountains of NH). Our house is on one of the main roads leading to all tourist attractions and ski resorts.  It is always a noisy road and from Thursday PM – Sunday PM there is tourist traffic heading north or south.  We are always making comments/wisecracks about all the tourists.

Yesterday our school held a moment of silence to remember 9/11.  It was fitting to do that.  A few minutes later the teacher asked if anyone knew why we had done that. (Remember, I am in a third grade class.)  One girl raised her hand and said, “We did it because in 2001 the world was attacked by tourists.”  The teacher heard her say “terrorists”, but she actually said “tourists”!  I had a hard time not laughing out loud during this solemn time of remembrance because I often feel like where I live is “attacked by tourists”!

There is your chuckle for the day.  Happy Friday!

One thought on “Out of the mouth of babes…

  1. karenpelletier says:

    You HAVE to write down the kids comments… they are so hysterical…. and honest… LOVE IT!

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