Daily Archives: September 6, 2008

Third time’s a charm?

I just completed the third application for a college loan for Katie. Although Sallie Mae wasn’t listed on the University’s webpage, I discovered that it is a viable lender for Eastern…so I took care of it online. The benefit to Sallie Mae is that half of Hilary’s loans are through them and they already have confirmation of all of John’s information. I pray that this is the end and that funds will actually be dispersed this time.

I spent about 5 hours with Dona Lynn today doing a One Voice Christmas preview. It looks/sounds exciting. I really like the drama theme (stress at Christmas) and I think many people will relate to it. I laughed as I listened to the CD and told DL that on any given day during the holidays, I might have said the same things…hopefully only on a bad day. We have a “preview” rehearsal at the Stone Mansion in Wolfeboro next Saturday. After that it is full speed ahead.

We are feeling the remnants of “Hanna” and have a flood warning in place until sometime tomorrow. We need the rain, but not quite this much. I hope you have had a great Saturday!