This is ridiculous!

When I went to apply for the girls college loans in August I discovered that the lender we have always used is no longer funding college loans. So, I went to the college websites and applied with a lender each college recommended. Hilary’s was no problem and is in place. Katie’s was complicated (as explained in another post), but eventually done, only to have that lender go out of business. Within 72 hours we had another loan in place and were given disbursement dates. Tonight I got an email from Katie and the new lender is no longer able to fund loans!!! That leaves one lender on the school website and a few others I can look at elsewhere. I left a voicemail for the Financial Aid Office to call me with their recommendations, again. What is going on with all these lenders! Please pray that whoever we get this next time will actually stick. Thanks.


One thought on “This is ridiculous!

  1. Lindsey says:

    Maybe it’s the ridiculous issues with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac? It’s so ridiculous that if the government bails them out we have to pay for it…

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