I am not crazy about driving in Boston – I can do it, but it is not my favorite thing to do. Last night I left around 6:45 PM for Quincy, MA. I hoped to be there by 9:15 PM – I figured traffic would be minimal at that time – WRONG! Construction cost me about 45 minutes. I spent the night with Hilary in the dorm room at Eastern Nazarene College, where she has been for the summer. I slept OK – but fully understand why you live in a dorm room when you are in your 20s…

By 8 AM I had been to Dunkin Donuts and we were eating bagels and coffee (OJ for my “coffee is disgusting” daughter). The next 4-1/2 hours were spent walking up and down stairs. Hilary was in a 2nd floor room and we had to move her to another building and a 2nd floor room (so does that make 4 flights of stairs?).  We filled Hilary’s car and John’s truck with her things. Up, down, up down, up down…Today I WAS the stairmaster!!!! It was hot and sticky and we were sweating like crazy. I helped her loft her bed and I put together a futon. At 12:45pm everything was in the new room. We got in the truck, turned the a/c to MAX and headed for IKEA. I LOVE IKEA and haven’t been able to go since last fall! The original plan had been to be there by 11 AM and eat Swedish food in the cafeteria there – NOT. We were in and out of there in 45 minutes! WHAT A SHAME!! We were on a deadline – Hil had to leave to babysit at 4:30 PM. We left IKEA with a new futon mattress, lamp and a few goodies for me…From IKEA we headed to Walmart and 20 minutes later were in the truck headed to Wendy’s since we hadn’t eaten since 8 AM. Wendy’s was devoured at 3 PM and I took Hilary back to the college. After taking a fan, lamp, and refrigerator up to her room we said goodbye. She headed for the shower and I headed for home at 3:30.

I LOVE YOU HILARY and am glad I could help. I am proud of you and I can’t believe you are a SENIOR at ENC! God has blessed you and grown you. He has a GREAT plan for you – His Word tells you that.

I programmed my TomTom for home, hoping it would find a way around the traffic; it did it’s job, but traffic was so bad I couldn’t get over to the exit…so we went to plan B. It took an extra hour to get home, but I made it. I jumped in the shower and then met John outside at the fire pit with s’mores fixin’s. Kate (and Pippin) joined us and we had a nice time. Pippin got the first toasted marshmallow since mine fell off the stick before I got it on the chocolate…he liked it…

Tomorrow we had planned to drive to Lake Willoughby, VT and have a nice day with Katie. It is supposed to rain, so we will decide on Plan B in the morning. Hope you’ve had a great Wednesday!


One thought on “Phew!

  1. karenpelletier says:

    Moms do so much for their children. In the end it is all worth it and we wouldn’t change a thing! BUT, what a day! You are a great one Joy!


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