Crazed Days…Hang in there…this is a long one…or quit where you want ;0)

I know it has been awhile since I posted. A lot has happened so I’ll do a quick recap and then get to my thought provoking reading.

Lindsey and I left Blowing Rock on Fri, 8/1. Our excitement began with a cow in the middle of a 4 lane highway, followed by no speedometer, then no odometer and ending with, what appeared to be, transmission trouble. I called AAA to have it towed to where she bought it 4 months ago and then called Enterprise to get a rental car.  Everything fell into place, although it was a stressful few hours (trust me this is the SHORT version of what happened…). Thanks to my friend Bethany for offering to help if we needed her. The downside to the whole mess was I had planned a nice visit with Bethany and it just didn’t happen…maybe next time.

It is now Thursday and Lindsey still has a rental car. The place it was towed waited until Tuesday to tell her they needed to take it to their other shop – where it is now. Supposedly it is not the transmission and will cost not quite $500. We’ll see…the lesson we learned was that speedometers and odometers are connected to the transmission. Once she gets the car back it needs new tires before her trek to PA for her college roomies wedding on 8/16. Linds was a trooper through all of this. I can see how God is growing her – even though she has been frustrated she has taken the events that didn’t match her agenda pretty well. I’m glad I was there to help during the thick of it.

Since I got home on Saturday it has rained and rained and rained. I have gotten caught up on odds and ends at the house. I have spent parts of 2 days getting financial arrangements finalized for Hilary and Katie for college. Unfortunately, the lender we have always used isn’t doing college loans anymore, so I spent one night doing research on lenders recommended by their colleges. Let’s just say it was a frustrating experiencing getting established with two new companies. One of them, the well known lender Sallie Mae, almost drove me to drink! After setting up everything so John could e-sign as co-signer it determined that I did not have the correct address and shut down the account! When I called it showed John at Plainfield Pike in N. Scituate, RI. He hasn’t lived there in almost 35 years!!!! Eventually, after talking to him (not me), they accepted his information! The other lender will not allow a PO Box, so transactions have to have our physical address (where we do not have a mailbox) and use email for correspondence. (Thank you terrorists for making transactions for honest, hardworking people such a pain in the neck! ) As far as I know, I have 5 pieces of paper to fax for Katie and then the paperwork is done. Hooray! Now we are in the process of getting Katie ready to do her practicums in PA. This afternoon we have done a PA background check (she has no records-surprise…$10) and filled out the form for Child Abuse Clearance ($10). She cannot do the PA fingerprint thing through the FBI until she gets to PA…($40).  $60 and a bunch of time and paper just to be able to do practicums…geesh! Anyway…enough complaining…

I finished Soul Cravings by Erwin Raphael McManus, while I was in NC. It is divided into several sections and I will admit the first section is really what spoke to me. It was all about God designing us for relationships. I already knew that and that this was what I was craving and lacking here. It also reminded me about God’s designing me for a relationship with Him. It was good to have those things reinforced. The other parts of the book delve into why we were created to long for God and how to respond to that. I did read the entire book, but the why and how of craving God aren’t an issue for me…so it didn’t “speak” as loud.

While on the plane home I began reading The Shack by William P. Young. WOW! It is fiction, but puts a “face” on God in a new way. I haven’t finished it yet (too busy with paperwork), but hope to finish it by Sunday. As you read it, remember it is fiction not theology, then you will enjoy how God speaks to you.

On another, find peace where you are note, my Bible reading the past few days has had these verses as part of it:

“Christ is the mighty power of God and the wonderful wisdom of God. “ I Cor. 1:24b (Need His power and wisdom, not mine…)

“My heart has heard You say,”Come and talk with meand my heart responds, ‘Lord, I am coming.'” Ps.27:8

“No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind imagined what God has planned for those who love Him.” Isa 64:4

“How can we understand the road we travel? It is the Lord who directs our steps.” Prov. 20:24

While I was in NC I called to check on my friend, Becky, who recently had back surgery (mind you, she was reading by the pool when I called…wish I could have been with her). At the end of our conversation, she reminded me of something her Dad told her…the gist of it was, “You have to be happy where you are before God will move you somewhere else…”  Here’s the thing, it’s not that I’m not happy here – I make do. It’s the relationship thing that Soul Cravings talks about that is missing…greatly. I can do my job, which I love. I can go to church and do what I do there. I can take care of my family. Unfortunately, it often feels like that is what my life is about and that none of these areas connect – I feel disconnected. I can continue to live here and John can continue to work/serve here, but parts of us are dying on the inside. The long hours of the 2 jobs is a strain for John. SO, I keep trusting and praying and seeking what God wants. I will continue to believe He keeps His promises and that He has more than I can imagine planned for me/us. I guess the Proverbs verse sums it up – How can I know this journey and why should I expect to understand it – God is the One directing it – not me…(my paraphrase).

So, for now…trying NOT to direct my journey – have a great day – hope the sun is shining where you are…


One thought on “Crazed Days…Hang in there…this is a long one…or quit where you want ;0)

  1. karenpelletier says:

    Oh Joy! What a time getting out of NC! Maybe it is a sign. ::grin::

    You will be in my prayers my friend!

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