“Working the Wait”…and our “Explore…”

Usually while in the mountains I do a lot of reading. I am reading a book and will get to that another day. Today I want to share about an article in Today’s Christian Woman; mayybe there is someone else who reads this that also needs these reassurances.

The article called, “Work the Wait: How I Make the Most of God’s Delays”, by Stephanie Voiland, caught my attention. You see, for several years John and I have felt God had something else for us. We have walked through doors God has opened (5-6 to be exact), to see what it was HE wanted. Every time we felt the opportunity was not right, until a few months ago. We really thought we had found what HE had planned for us…but it was not to be. It was a perplexing few weeks. We had many questions, mostly for God, but in the end we knew HE was in control. We are back in the “waiting” mode and wondering what is next for us. I’ll be the first to admit that I am not the most patient person – “waiting” mode is not my favorite. While the situation in the article was different from mine, she made some points that helped reassure me that God is there even in the disappointments and waiting times. Here are a few quotes:

“Waiting seasons are still painful . But deep within me, God is at work, assuring me He won’t waste my heartaches. That even if He doesn’t make my situations better, He will somehow make me better through them.”

“Often a wait seems long when life doesn’t unfold according to our agenda. But sometimes God has amazing reasons for a delay.”

“…God sometimes doesn’t give us what we request because He wants to give us something better.”

The author used the example of Mary and Martha when Lazarus died and that even though Jesus arrived in their minds, late…He had things under control. When He saw their pain He also wept…”He doesn’t orchestrate broken bodies and hearts as some sort of spiritual boot camp, while He stands aloof shouting orders. He doesn’t insist we get over of waiting ache. Rather, He aches and walks with us to help us navigate our fractured world.”

And when we feel alone in our wait, He promises, ‘…Never will I leave you, never will I forsake you.’ Hebrews 13:5b”

SO…while I “work the wait” I’ll practice His presence and make sure my “wait” mode doesn’t go into “sleep” mode. I needed the reminder that God keeps His promises and that HIS timing is best.

Melodie headed back to Charlotte yesterday, unfortunately she got stuck in traffic with all the Jonas Brothers fans and it took her over and hour longer to get home…sorry Melodie and Wonka. After she left Lindsey and I went to Price Park to meet up with our friend, Karen White and 3 of her 5 children. It was great to spend time with Karen. God has blessed her with a wonderful family. We also met Annette and her darling daughters. Lindsey didn’t remember being at Price Park before, but I told her that her Grandpa Roland used to bring her there a lot when she was little.

This afternoon Mom, Lindsey and I went on what John and I call an “explore” (thank you Winnie the Pooh). Actually, I had been on these roads many times before, but it had been years since I had made the trek up the Blue Ridge Parkway to Little Switzerland and Spruce Pine and back to Boone. It was a beautiful drive and we got a few nice photos. We finished our trip at Café Portofino in Boone. I expected an Italian feel, but was “welcomed” by a Hawaiian theme with many other eclectic items thrown in. The food was good. When we asked about the name and then the décor we were told that the owner loved the town of Portofino in Italy and that also he was from Hawaii…guess that explains it. If I had to chose Italy or Hawaii it would be Italy, hands down…Right now Mom is down at the service at Family Camp – I went down last night. The weather has been great and I am enjoying my last few days here…Enjoy the pics…

View near Linn Cove

View near Linn Cove

Lindsey with the Linn Cove Viaduct in the background

Lindsey with the Linn Cove Viaduct in the background

While I was taking this picture Lindsey set a can of Sprite on a rock. When she went to pick it up it had become a bee magnet. She tried, unsuccessfully, to get the can so she could throw it away. In the end, the bees had a feast and Lindsey didn’t get stung.

View near Altapass Orchard

View near Altapass Orchard


2 thoughts on ““Working the Wait”…and our “Explore…”

  1. karenpelletier says:

    I think that even if we have to wait a lifetime to receive God’s blessings, His ideas in His time are always the best! I’ll be praying that God will continue to give you patience to receive His perfect blessings!
    Love ya Joy!

  2. I am so dissappointed we were not able to get together, but again, it was just not to be! Nothing out of the ordinary, just a day that unravelled as I lived it! You had your hands full with all the car stuff, and I…well, I just had my hands full!

    I will try to call soon! If not, we will just have to blog away!

    Bye from NC!

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