NC – my heart lies here…

Our trip to NC did not exactly go as we planned…tourist traffic was AWFUL! We took an alternate route and pulled into C & J in Portsmouth as our bus was leaving for Logan (2-1/2 hours to make a 1-1/4 hour trip)…the next bus put us arriving after our plane left for Charlotte…We were put on another flight to Charlotte – which was delayed. We got to Blowing Rock at 1 AM Monday instead of 9 PM Sunday…at least we made it.

I don’t remember much of yesterday except going to the most wonderful Christian bookstore in the world – Cornerstone. It is always a stop on our first day here – we buy some things, admire some things and make at least one more trip before we head home.

John and Lindsey headed down the mountain this afternoon. Lindsey has to help with Hispanic Kindergarten assessments tomorrow, so John is going golfing with a friend.  They’ll be back tomorrow night. Hilary is here and has been down at G.A. Camp in the afternoon to help with games. It is good to have her around. I wish Katie was here too.  Hil made a trip to Shoppes on the Parkway this afternoon. When she was ready to come home her key broke off in her car door! Thankfully, I had one of her keys with me. We’ll find a locksmith tomorrow to dig the key out.

I have been coming to this spot for 50 years. My family has always been around here for Family Camp. John and I continued to do that and have always brought the girls. These two weeks are sacred family time. We have memories of so many places, sites, trips we have taken from here. We all have wonderful memories of my Dad and things we did with him here. (Hilary wants to share our home and memories with Andrew, so he is driving in late Thursday night for the weekend.) I drove by one section of the Parkway today and remembered the “secret” place Dad would go to pick blackberries. I miss my Dad, especially when I am here, but I have many wonderful memories. This place is as much home as Charlotte is. John and I have been praying for 5 years that God would allow us to move back here – back home…we recently thought it was going to happen…but it did not. As much as I love being here, it makes it hard to go back home…my heart will always be in NC!

One thought on “NC – my heart lies here…

  1. Betsey Holzhauer says:

    Joy, are you all OK? Didn’t like the sounds of the tornado in NH. We pray you and your family were not affected by it.


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