Excitement in every day life…

Before we went to Alaska I told John I thought we needed a new grill. His reply was something to the tune of “that one is fine, it isn’t that old…” (I calculated – it is 11 years old!) It was still working so I continued to use it and had done so several times since returning from Alaska. Yesterday I put some chicken and squash on to cook. I check on it every few minutes…the first time the flame seemed high and hot, so I turned it down. The second time the flame was still high, so turned it down again…but the knobs felt hot. The third time flames were pouring out from under the grill!! I didn’t dare go near it…was afraid it would explode (John told me that wouldn’t happen…he delivers propane so ought to know). I watched the knobs melt off and then the flames burnt through the propane line. Then I felt safe in going near it and turning off the propane. John thinks we need a new grill…

I went to a few places last night and found a wonderful grill! It cost $70 more than the one I bought 11 years ago and this one is huge! It barely fit in John’s truck!

Old Grill

Old Grill

Melted grill - knobs gone - line melted

Melted grill - knobs gone - line melted

New SUPER Grill

New SUPER Grill

I will be making a 7 hour round trip tomorrow to pick up John’s folks in CT. We weren’t sure if they would come tomorrow or Wednesday. Jack called and said they were “packed and ready for pick up.”They will be staying for a week and then ride home with Uncle George after the Spencer Family Reunion in Kennebunk next Saturday. John is on call, so can’t go…he’ll be staying home to finish his message AND clean the house. In the 6+ years we’ve lived here I don’t think he has ever cleaned the house from top to bottom…should be interesting…It will be good for them to get away. Have a great evening…Pray for a safe trip for tomorrow…thanks.


2 thoughts on “Excitement in every day life…

  1. karenpelletier says:

    Love your new grill! Enjoy it!

  2. Betsey Holzhauer says:

    John’s words to you brought tears to my eyes. What a wonderful guy!


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