It is HOT!!! And…a few more photos…

I finally feel like I am back in the right time zone. It has been extremely hot and humid here the past few days – upper 80’s and low to mid 90’s! That is not unusual for the South where everything has a/c, but it is not the norm for here. Thankfully, we have 2 small window a/c units and the house has been OK. John and Katie both work outside, so yesterday they were wiped when they got home…although they did a little fishing behind the house before supper and then Katie headed to Lake Winnipesaukee to swim with friends.

We had internet issues yesterday (maybe it was my long photo post LOL). Actually, they are coming to put a new line in sometime this week; I guess we are getting very low signal levels. I found a few more pictures that I wanted to share so they are below. ALSO, John does NOT have to have another hernia operation, so I just made flight plans to head to NC in a few weeks. It was $75 more to fly than for us to drive…go figure…

I also made good use of a few photos when I made these desktop calendars for me and John…

Click on the photo and it will make it larger for you..


One thought on “It is HOT!!! And…a few more photos…

  1. jtaylortime says:

    Joy, I’ve tried emailing you 3 times now. Have you gotten any of my messages?

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