Meet Thelma…

My Mom had a habit of naming her cars. I remember Ike and Gertude, but can’t remember any others. For some reason my daughters have taken up that mantle. Lindsey’s first car was a green escort named Kermit. When Lindsey was hit head on, Kermit was totaled (RIP) and she got Ruby, a maroon Subaru, who soon changed names to Killer, because he was killing her patience. She now has a white Taurus named Glinda (the Good Witch from Wizard of Oz). We had a yellow/biege Volvo wagon they called the Cappucinomobie and another one called Gunner (the tank…and proved its name when Katie hit black ice and took out a street sign. She and the car were fine, but the street sign was wedged against the drive shaft.) Hilary has a red Subaru named Reggie. We picked up Katie’s Toyota Corolla yesterday…so meet Thelma.

Hilary is home for the weekend and for Katie’s birthday. She came right from her internship and was still in her “work” clothes. She’d also recently had a new haircut and I love the style. I took a picture, but in Hilary style could not get a serious face. Look at our grown up 21 year old.

Then I took this photo of John and Hilary…wonder where she gets the weird faces from?


One thought on “Meet Thelma…

  1. Lindsey says:

    And lest we forget Oswald the keyboard.

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