Happy Father’s Day!

In the past week I have been at a wedding rehearsal, wedding, celebrated my anniversary, gone to FOUR retirement parties, one birthday party and one graduation party, as well as traveling to Portland after a retirement party on Friday to see a friend from NC that was heading to “The County”…it was good to see you Karen, Tony and gang! John decided to go to CT for his nephew’s graduation party…7 hours round trip…I just couldn’t do one more party, so I did the Wolfeboro grad party (45 minutes roundtrip).

We found a car for Katie, but don’t have it yet – 1996 Toyota Corolla…hope it is ready soon…she is putting the miles on mine with working two jobs, plus rehearsals for 2 music shows next week. One more full week of school plus 1-1/2 days. Thankfully it will be much cooler in the school this week, we fried last week.

Hope you’ve had a good week…God is giving me peace about a number of situations, I’m grateful for that.

So, this is my husband, the father of my children…nice hat, huh? I love this photo. We went out for seafood…his choice. Then after a crazy week we both took a nap…he fell asleep on the couch and the cats and dog and I crashed on the bed. Katie came home after work and we’re watching “Into the Wild”. (PS – 2-1/2 hours later – that was a DEPRESSING movie!!!)  Have a great week!


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