Happy Anniversary to me…and John!

John and I have been married 29 years today! Hooray for us! There is so much going on this week that we chose not to go out. I fixed fajitas here and Katie and Alex joined us. We did go for ice cream at the Dairy Bar around 8 PM…I’m such a cheap date…

It has been in the 90’s here the last few days and will be for 2 more. For those in the South that is not unusual…here…well, most places are not air conditioned. We have 2 small window units and that helps downstairs. There is NO a/c at my school and I am on the second floor. HOT!! We did not take the kids out for recess today; they would have gotten heat exhaustion since there are no trees on our playground.

The rest of this week is filled with 3 retirement parties and 1 birthday party. I think we won’t be going to 2 graduation parties…we’ll see…

We visited some friends in Maine last night and it was a nice time. I read a quote while I was there that I am still pondering. I’ll share it later in the week. Right now there are 4 teenagers in my living room playing the Wii…I am so tired I think I will go to bed. Stay cool!


3 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me…and John!

  1. Aunt Melodie says:

    Happy Anniversary!! 29 years is definitely something to celebrate.

  2. Mom says:

    Sorry I didn’t get a card off, but I did think of you and remembered that happy day when you were married. It was enjoyable wedding. Many Moms can’t say that, but you made it easy.

  3. Dwight says:

    Congrats, a few days late. Trust it has cooled off some there. Wish you guys the best.

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