Saturday School…Again…

Today was our last Saturday to have to go to school. This is the first year we have had to do this, but with 10 snow days, it was go on Saturday or still be going in July. Well, they would still be going…I’m heading for Alaska!

In other news, I evidently sang “Let the River Flow” too many times. Somehow our sump pump was knocked over and unplugged…surge of water is the only thing I can figure. Other than a few empty boxes, the only damage was to my wonderfully warm, UGG boots. After I poured the disgustingly gross river water out of them I put them on the front steps to see if they will ever dry out.

KATIE IS HOME!!! John drove to PA yesterday, packed up her stuff, went to her concert and then they headed back today. They stopped in CT to check on his Mom. Physically she seemed fine after the heart surgery, but he said mentally she is much worse. She knows something happened to her, but doesn’t quite remember what the big deal was…

Well, I haven’t scrapbooked in forever…gotta get that done. I did make my refrigerator and desktop calendars though. Here’s what my desktop looks like compliments of the freebie from Digital Scrapbook Place.


One thought on “Saturday School…Again…

  1. Hilary says:

    Actually, if you ask Andrew, Aunt Terry, Uncle Fud, Ryan, or me, Granny was doing pretty well. She was remembering things and responding very well. She didn’t mention any specifics about what happened with her and may not have remembered specifics, but with everything else, she was doing great. Andrew said if you didn’t already know, you’d think she was perfectly fine.

    : )

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