Productive Day…

I got quite a bit accomplished today and it feels good. The bathroom shines and the kitchen/dining room floors are clean. Pippin slipped out the door and took a run to the river. When he returned he left muddy pawprints all over the floor. Thankfully that was BEFORE I had mopped. He spent a long time out in the sun drying off.  After a trip to Walmart (went last night too and hope that some day I live near one that is not 20+ miles away) I came home and attacked a BIG closet. It’s amazing what you find in the back corners. I filled a garbage bag with trash and have another bag for either a yard sale or Agape Ministries.  I hope to finish cleaning in our bedroom tomorrow.

John’s Mom was released from the hospital last night. I guess she is doing OK.  There is no residual damage to her heart – guess the Doctor said she has the heart of a 25 year old. I am sure she is much happier at home; she does not adjust well to new surroundings. Thanks for the prayers for her. Please continue to keep her and John’s Dad in prayer. John will swing by next Friday on his way to pick Katie up in PA. He is on call this week, so he couldn’t go today.

I have found myself missing the girls this week. Maybe it is because I got to spend time with Lindsey. Maybe it is just because they have been gone for awhile. We’ll get to see Hilary (and Andrew) on Sunday afternoon when A Capella sings at Jordan Hall. Katie will be home for the summer next Saturday.

Mount Washington looked beautiful today when I was in Conway. I didn’t have my camera with me, but here’s a photo from my phone. It was 65 degrees today, but still snow on the Mount.

One thought on “Productive Day…

  1. karenpelletier says:

    It feels good to get things done! Good for you before returning to school for the final push. I hope you get lots of good time with the girls. I know I’ll be lonesome one day when the kids are all on their own making a life of their own.

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