Headed Back…

Well, our short jaunt to NC has come to an end. Surprisingly enough, me the photo queen or papparazzi as my daughters call me, took ZERO photos. We really didn’t do anything photo worthy, just enjoyed the company of many friends. Right now we are sitting in the airport waiting for our flight to Boston – then the bus to Portsmouth – then the hour ride home.

It was great to be with Lindsey and my sister, Melodie. We visited with Dick and Linda on Saturday and saw the Helms-Jenkins-Jacobs gang and children and grandchildren on Sunday as well as the Cottons and Baucoms. As I recounted earlier, we saw a number of friends on Monday at Lindsey’s school. Last night we saw friends from my home church. It was nice to visit. This morning we went back to the denominational headquarters to drop off a few things and saw a few more friends who work there. God is good.

While with friends, and cell phones off, we got a call that John’s Mom was in U Mass-Worcester and had a heart attack. They have put in a stent and she is recovering in CCU. We talked to his Dad last night and again a few minutes ago. They may release her tomorrow. We thank God for that and will continue to pray for her recovery and Jack as he takes care of her. John was down there 2 weeks ago, but may try to go down again Fri PM after work.

Tomorrow I’ll get to pick my “baby” up at the kennel, get some groceries and plan to clean a few closets. I am glad I have a few days at home before back to school on Monday. God has blessed us with a time of refreshing and a time of laughs, love and hugs.

One thought on “Headed Back…

  1. karenpelletier says:

    Joy – you and John will be in our prayers. It is difficult when parents have health issues. We’re hopeful that all will return to normal for you.

    Glad you had a nice visit in NC. It is really supposed to warm up tomorrow! Be safe!

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