NC – Hooray!

We’ve been at my sister’s a few days; however, her computer would not let me get on WordPress to write, so I decided to connect my computer to her internet cable today.

It has been great being with Lindsey and Melodie. We enjoyed a wonderful supper at Carrabas Saturday night and went with Lindsey to Elevation Church on Sunday. That afternoon we went to visit MANY friends from when we lived down here. I am always amazed, and blessed, by how we still are “family” to all of them after being gone for 15 years. When the plane landed in Charlotte I whispered to John, “we’re home…”. These people, and my family, are what make this home for both me and John.

We drove to Unionville to see Lindsey’s school this morning. I had been there, but John had not. While there we saw 5 dear friends (Pam, Peggy, Lorraine “Little Rain”, Wendy and Dee Dee). It was great to see them – once again we were with “family”. When I went to sign us out, the secretary asked if we were still up north or had moved down. I told her we were still up north, but maybe some day God would bless us and send us back home. She laughed. I said, “So if God is good…” and before I could finish saying “and chooses to bless us…”she said, “well, He is always good…but I know what you mean.” How refreshing…you would rarely if ever hear anyone say that at my school…

Then we went to our denominational offices. Many of our friends who work there were out of town, so we saw the EVP and his wife and a very dear friend, Shirley. John and I walked away feeling how odd it felt to be there. We both remembered how busy it used to be when both of my parents worked there.

I am completely enjoying being in warm weather and walking and walking and walking in this wonderful development called Lake Park. Lindsey should be here soon and we’ll probably take another walk. 2 more days and back to NH…it’s going to be hard to go…but we must…I am so thankful for this time of joy and blessing and feeling so loved. God is good.


2 thoughts on “NC – Hooray!

  1. karenpelletier says:

    Joy – I’m so glad that you sound refreshed from your time here in NC. I know that we are happy here too. Enjoy what time you have left. I sure do hope that you get your heart’s desire and return here one day.

  2. fantacy says:

    ๐Ÿ™‚ You sound absolutely Blessed and Revived Joy!!!! I am so happy to see your update and to hear it is all going so well! You were on my mind so I stopped by and am so glad that I did ๐Ÿ™‚
    Taking plenty of warm weather pics?!

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