That is not my daughter…

Hilary was in San Diego last week (Wed-Sun) for a national student government leadership conference. She is the only girl on ENC’s student government next year, so for the costume night they were to dress up as Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (dwarves follows the rule I teach my kids in school, but Disney says Dwarfs). Below is the picture taken of the student government plus their advisors all dressed up. John looked at the picture and couldn’t find Hilary. I told him she was Snow White and he said, “that is not my daughter…” The black hair made her almost unrecognizable…see below

THIS is my daughter – on the edge of the Pacific Ocean at Point Loma.


One thought on “That is not my daughter…

  1. Karen says:

    Oh Joy! Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have the experiences she is having. What a great place for her to be!
    In many ways I envy where she is in life…. for other reasons I might not like to go back to that age…. but what wonderful experiences for her!

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