Recipe Mess.

So, are any of you those people who have all their recipes neatly filed and can find any one of them at a moments notice? Well, I have had great plans over the last 2 years, but not a completed project. I took all my old cooking magazines and cut out the recipes I wanted and put them in envelopes and labeled them by type. That was as far as I got 2 years ago. 2 days ago I went looking through my stack of cards and pages printed off the internet for a cake recipe. After spending way too long with no recipe, I decided to get it organized. I at least have the pages and cards in the envelopes with the other recipes. Later this week I hope to get them all in the recipe book. Lo and behold I found the Banana Cake recipe I was looking for and also found a Chinese Romaine Salad recipe that I really like. Well, I found 1/2 of the recipe – it was torn and the other half was nowhere to be found. My thought was to email my sister and have her get it to me since I had emailed it to her. Funny thing is she called me tonight looking for the recipe. We both hung up and looked and talked to each other 2 more times before she called me and said she had found hers and would email it to me. Thanks Melodie. I guess this is the reason I really need to get those recipes organized. Hopefully by the weekend I’ll have success…oh wait….I have to go to school 1/2 a day on Saturday to make up a snow day!

Here is Katie’s latest painting. I don’t know how she finds time at school with all her classes; I guess it is relaxation for her. This is a piano in Workman Hall at Eastern University. Nice job Kate!

One thought on “Recipe Mess.

  1. fantacy says:

    Beautiful work, katie! and I have so many of those “recipe” plans and they have never worked out….The only recipe I have that I know where to find at a moment’s notice (aside of the ones in my over-stuffed brain) is for Resurrection Cookies….i have saved it in my email and can do a quick search for it lol
    🙂 you should post the chinese salad recipe 🙂 I am always up for a new salad recipe!
    Have a great 2nd half of the week! God Bless!!

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