In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps” (Prov. 16:9, NIV)

John and I had some meetings yesterday and then spent some time at the Mall at Rockingham Park. I can’t tell you the last time John and I have shopped together at a mall.  I bought a Time Capsule at the Apple Store! I had been saving birthday/Christmas money to get an external hard drive and am so glad I waited for this one! 500GB, acts as a router and a wi-fi printer router! NICE!

When we got home I saw on the news that SKYBUS had shut down operations. That was a problem…you see we had tickets to fly out later in April to go see Lindsey and Melodie in NC! To make matters worse they are not issuing refunds directly, I had to go through our credit card company! I have started the process and the credit card company says it could take 1-3 weeks! In the meantime I spent 2 hours trying to look at all options to still get to NC without breaking the bank. As frustrated as I was that verse in Proverbs kept coming to mind. For whatever reason God did not want us on that plane or driving from Greensboro and I have to trust Him on that. I was finally able to get a flight from Boston to Charlotte. We’ll take C & J from Portsmouth to Logan…more expensive, but we still get to go. Right now John just needs to see something other than snow.

I had a good surprise yesterday too. A friend from the past “knocked” at the facebook door. It was so nice that Karen White found me. The biggest blessing was the years ago our families had loved each other and then had some falling outs…that were never really resolved. God in His mercy and love has been working behind the scenes to restore those relationships! Karen sent an email that brought tears (good tears) to my eyes as I read it to John. God is SO good! I hope to see her sometime when I am in NC – maybe later this summer. In the meantime, Karen, if you are reading this, I thank God for you and all He has done and is doing through you and your life at this point and time.

God is good!


2 thoughts on “In his heart a man plans his course, but the LORD determines his steps” (Prov. 16:9, NIV)

  1. fantacy says:

    🙂 amen and amen! He truly is good…great…AWESOME! (words just don’t do it do they? none are big enough or perfect enough to describe His ways and His love)….
    He loved me so much today that He has given me things to smile about, sunshine on my front yard, noise in my house, and friends (online and off) to rejoice about it all with!
    Sorry to hear about the Skybus (it kinked a lot of people’s plans), but like you said, there is a reason for it all even if we never actually see what the reason is 🙂
    HUGS my friend! Praying you have a blessed week in Christ!

  2. karenpelletier says:

    You are a blessing to me too. Thanks for your kind words.

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