March 28 – SNOW DAY!!!!


I have enjoyed my day…I slept it, ran errands (including taking care of my passport for the Alaskan Cruise – need it to get into Canada), did some housework and plan to just play on the computer tonight.

Have you ever heard of MissusSmartyPants? (Hey Lindsey, she is based in MATTHEWS!) I found her through FLYlady. I really like her website and also have found her on blog talk radio. Anyway, after many months of debating I finally ordered my own personal profile. It really has been helpful in finding clothes that fit me and flatter my body type. This weeks article was about swimsuits. I love that I get photos of things that would look good on me in my weekly emails.  I have not bought a swimsuit in 14 years! I still have the one I bought when we went to Disney World. I remember how long I’ve had it because we lost Katie at Disney (long story) and she was 5 at the time and is now almost 19! I treated myself to a new swimsuit today from a company called It Figures. I am still working on getting the extra weight off, but am really feeling good about how I look where I am now and discovering how much accessories can add to an outfit. I am glad to be me!

After months of wondering what God was up to, I am finally getting glimpses and reminders that He is at work, even when I don’t see it . Well, a really cute propane delivery driver just showed up at my house and is hungry, so I think I’ll feed him. Have a great night!


One thought on “March 28 – SNOW DAY!!!!

  1. Dwight says:

    Hey Joy,

    Took a few minutes to figure out who you were, but hello! You folks still in NH? How you doing? Lost touch when we left Maine. Hello to John and the girls. Will have to read your blog to catch up on everyone.

    Gave Barb your message.


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