Wisdom tooth and dancing with the Wii…

So, I had the tooth out yesterday. It went OK – although it was strange when I could hear the tooth crackling as it was coming loose. I had to focus on breathing in the lovely nitrous oxide so that I didn’t focus on the sound. I was glad Hilary was there to drive me home. They have me taking 4 advil plus tylenol with codeine for pain. The pain I had yesterday was a migraine from the nitrous oxide, I think. At one point I had taken all the meds and was lying in bed with a heated rice pack behind my neck and on my forehead, plus an ice pack on the side of my face where the tooth was pulled and one on the top of my head to ease the migraine. I had pillows pilled all around me to keep everything in place. What a sight. Where the tooth was really didn’t hurt that much, it was more my sinus on that side and the migraine.

I got up and went to work today. I really felt pretty good. I was playing a spelling game (Upwards) with 4 of my kids when I had to excuse myself about 9:30 and told them to keep playing that I’d be right back. I headed to the restroom, threw up and came back. All the meds were killing my stomach. I had been eating toast and smoothies since the surgery and that wasn’t too much for the meds to work on. I made arrangements for the rest of the day and left at 11 AM. I was in bed by 11:30am and slept 2 hours. I took more meds and then slept another 2 hours. I ate a delicious Philly Steak and Cheese from R & L Sub for supper.  I feel OK right now – just wiped out. We are supposed to get 2-5″ of snow tonight and I have a prayer breakfast to go to in the AM – we’ll see how I feel in the morning.

Now to dancing with the Wii…I came out and crashed on the loveseat last night around 7 PM. John was golfing with Tiger Woods on the Wii. He was golfing in low light (so that I could rest). What he didn’t know was that every now and then I’d open my eyes and watch him. At one point he went to some skill builder thing with weird music. When I looked up he was dancing to this music – wish I’d had a camcorder. Then he went back to golfing and when he’d do well and the “crowd” on the Wii would cheer him on he’d raise his hands and take the applause…it was so funny; the problem was it hurt to smile.  He had fun and I went back to sleep. He didn’t know I’d seen all of this until tonight…

Have a great weekend in whatever you do and thanks to all who have been praying for me.


One thought on “Wisdom tooth and dancing with the Wii…

  1. fantacy says:

    😦 so sorry to hear it was such an ordeal on your tummy, but it made me giggle to think of how “cute” hubbies can be when they don’t know we are watching 😉
    Hope you are feeling more like yourself now that it has been a couple days!
    Have a fabulous Lord’s day!

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