God’s sense of humor…

In writing in my journal to God on Wednesday I asked for a glimpse of what He was up to regarding our future. Within the next 4 days I got glimpses, but of three different options! These were options I was already aware of, so it was a “glimpse”, but not a specific answer/direction. I guess God has a sense of humor; He did ask what I requested – I guess I need to change how/what I ask. I have been reminded the past few days of the verse in James that says, “You do not have because you do not ask…” I realize that is not the whole verse, nor does it take into consideration all the deep theological meaning of the surrounding verses (yes, Dr. Dean I do remember some of the things you taught me at Berkshire Christian College). I really don’t spend as much time in prayer as I would like to or should. I DO pray about anything and everything, but need to block out more intense times for prayer – especially when John and I are seeking answers about the future.

I took Katie to the airport Sunday AM – I so enjoyed having her home. Friday we had the music of “the boys” here with their guitars and I realized how much I miss the music and the laughter…lots of laughter…She’ll be home again on 3/20 for Easter weekend.

Hilary came in on Friday afternoon and immediately hung her Publicity Banner in our living room. She’ll be around until Sunday. It’s great having her home too. She is my chauffeur when I go have my one wisdom tooth removed on Thursday. Oh yeah, because she is now part of Student Government she will go with the group to Point Loma, CA April 2-7! How cool is that? We did some “internship clothes” shopping after we ate at her favorite Thai restaurant yesterday. She picked out some really cute things and even got a skirt that has pink, coral, chocolate brown, khaki and white in it. It is adorable – although I’m not sure she’d like me calling it “adorable”.

I finished two more badge albums this weekend – one for Lindsey and one for me. I really like these cute little things. It was sunny today, but cold. It is supposed to gradually warm up the next few days, but no big snow storms in sight…yet. I hope you had a great Monday.


One thought on “God’s sense of humor…

  1. fantacy says:

    πŸ™‚ Reminds me of the time I argued with God about cleaning my house (yeah, long story, but I did have a “stern talking to” with Him…hahaha like we ever win those?!)
    I was struggling with things that were hindering my husband’s view of our marriage. God started, at my request, showing me what to do to change myself for the better…what I needed to do to be the wife that Michael needed but more so the woman that God wanted me to be!….I was in the middle of my morning Bible study when I started feeling a bit convicted about my house not being as clean as Mike would like it to be (it was not filthy, but definitely not as picked up and clean as it COULD have been). Immediately my defenses went up “WHAT?! I am in the middle of Bible study God, and You want me to worry about cleaning?….*sarcastically* I love it how you put convictions of such minor details on me and let Mike get off scott-free for the things he is doing…..”…..the conviction set in deeper…”Ya know what?…You are God, if you want my house clean, get it clean…” (keep in mind this was during a very stressful rough time in my life, but for the first time I was experiencing a TRUE intimacy with God and it is hard to type the tone with which I was saying these things)
    Well as my Bible study went on a little clump of dust floated down from the ceiling fan…the fan was on so this was no surprise, but it got me thinking …it would only take a minute to wipe off that fan and man it would look better after I did…(slowly the conversation I had just had with God was fading from my mind)
    So, after Bible study, I grabbed the pledge and a rag and cleaned the ceiling fan…well it is amazing what you can see from atop a chair in the middle of the room, and since I had the pledge out and a rag in hand I went ahead and dusted the entertainment center, but lawd it was cluttered so I just decided to go ahead and put things from JUST the entertainment center where they belonged….well the dust that I cleaned off of the center ended up on the floor, so I grabbed the vacuum ….needless to say vacuuming lead to moving out the furniture, which lead to baseboards, which lead to….you get the idea…
    Finally I looked up at the clock to realize several hours had passed and I was standing in a very clean house….well God cleaned it, through me πŸ™‚
    I literally stood there thinking “good one…..ok ok you got me on this one…I didn’t specify HOW it was to get cleaned!”
    I HATE cleaning, yet I had SCRUBBED my house with a joyful spirit and it didn’t feel like any time at all had passed b/c instead of focusing on what God was “making me do” *rolls eyes at self* I was simply doing….:)
    sorry for the novel lol it just reminded me of one of my experiences with God’s humor πŸ˜‰
    Have a great week!!! and I am putting you on my prayer list, and will be praying diligently for you all day thursday πŸ™‚

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