Two Posts in One Day…wow!

Hilary is running for Publicity “Director?” – not sure what the title is but it will pay a BIG chunk of her tuition next year if she gets is. Voting is March 6th. Below are three of her posters floating around campus…all designed by her – can you tell what her major is?



2 thoughts on “Two Posts in One Day…wow!

  1. fantacy says:

    hahahaha those posters are GREAT lol, is that her “look of intimidation” in the bottom one? :)… I adore the middle poster (the Capt. Planet shirt was a great touch…very earth-conscious 😉 lol)…I was just feeling a bit sniffle-y thinking about my oldest turning 13, growing up, moving from being my little boy to a young man, then I dropped by to see what you had blogged this week and saw this post….it honestly has brightened my mood and maybe this “mom of older kids” thing is not feeling quite so nerve-wracking! Too much fun!
    🙂 Have a blessed week!

  2. Hilary says:

    Ha, the position has a bunch of names… I think the formal one is the “Student Government Association’s Director of Publicity”… but we call it either the SGA Publicity, Publicity Director, Director of Publicity, or whatever.

    All I know is I want it really bad. : )

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