Long Journey-s Home…

After many delays I arrived in Portsmouth at 1:45 AM Friday. After I unburied my car (and froze my fingers) I started home at 2 AM. The thermometer said 6 degrees…when I pulled into my yard at 3 AM it said -10 degrees!!! I didn’t sleep as late as I thought I would on Friday. I got some laundry done and a bit of cleaning up, but was definitely in slow gear. I left at 5 PM to pick Katie up in Manchester. She was supposed to get in at 7 PM, but at 6:40 PM she called and was still in Philadelphia. Among other delays they had also changed gates and were getting ready to board and should arrive around 8:30 PM. SOOO, like any good Mom, I headed to the mall (LOL)!! I looked, tried on a few things, almost but a really cute yellow handbag. At 8:25 PM I got a text message that she had landed, but needed to go to lost and found, she had left her painting at the original gate in Philadelphia. The painting is a birthday present for a friend. 5 minutes later she called and said they had her painting and it was on the next flight out of Philadelphia and should be in around 10:45 PM. We decided to stay in Manchester and get it. I took her out to eat – it was now 9 PM and she hadn’t eaten anything since noon! Even though it meant we would get in around 1 AM Saturday, having this time with Katie was a true delight. I listened as she shared all that was happening with her and school and friends. She talked nonstop and I loved it – I would not have had that if we had not had to stay in town. I am just amazed as I watch God growing my “baby” in front of my eyes. I have been blessed with wonderful, godly daughters. We picked up the painting at 11 PM and drove home in the SNOW!!! By the time we got home at 1 AM it was really snowing. Katie says our house looks like an igloo! We got about 8 inches of snow last night and it is still lightly snowing! Will it ever end?

On a sunny note – here is a picture I took at the Boon Docks Restaurant and it was in the boondocks. When we walked to the pier I thought these pelicans were carved and painted at first because they were so still, but they were real!100_4408.jpg


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