Stuck in an airport…again….!!!

Well, here I am in Charlotte again. My plane has been rescheduled twice so it now has an hour delay. IF it really leaves on time I will have to take the 11:50 PM bus back to Portsmouth arriving at 1:15 AM. I will have to dig out my car and hope to leave Portsmouth by 1:45 AM. Estimating I’ll be home by 2:45-3:00 AM Friday – stinky…but at least I’ll be home.  By the time I wake up I’ll have to get cleaned up to go pick Katie up at the Manchester airport tomorrow night. She should be just ahead of another snow storm coming in late Friday-early Saturday expected to dump another 3-7 inches of snow…Katie is excited about the snow…I am sick of it…so is John.  Pray for safe travel for me tonight and again tomorrow night. Thanks.

One thought on “Stuck in an airport…again….!!!

  1. fantacy says:

    Praying you got home ok and that Katie is in by now (it is a little after midnight Friday night) 🙂 your text pics in the last post were unreal!!! Most of our southern ohio snow melted today when it got to a blistering 38* today ;)…it is supposed to be pushing 60 by Sunday though!!!!

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