Blessing in Disguise…

Through much snow and tribulation I made it to Charlotte at 12:30 AM Saturday. The problem was my flight left for Tallahassee at 10:25 PM on Friday. My darling daughter, Lindsey, who lives 35 minutes from the airport came and got me so that I would not have to sleep on the airport floor (did that in LaGuardia once and that is one NASTY airport). By the time she got me and we got back to her apartment it was 2 AM. We left at 7 AM to take me back to the airport. My 9:10 AM flight was delayed three times due to fog. I FINALLY arrived in Tallahassee at 12:45 PM Saturday and after a quick lunch Mom and I got to her house at 2:15 PM.  I had not planned to see Lindsey on this trip, but it was a wonderful treat!

Today, after church and lunch, Mom planned a “get-together” for some of my friends (young and old) from my past and it was great since about 8 of them made it. Some I went to college with and some I knew from all the work Mom and Dad had done in the denomination. I also went to the assisted living facility to see my friend Max or as Melodie and I affectionately have called him for about 35 years “Hairy Max”. He got this name when we stayed at his house in Bellingham, Washington and we spyed his toupee on an end table…so “Hairy Max” is who he became and still is to this day.

 Tomorrow we head to Panama City Beach and plan to stop in Altha, FL at the first church John ever pastored – he was their first full-time pastor 28 years ago…then on to the sugar beaches…for those of you in New England…enjoy your snow ;p

PS – Special thanks to all who were praying – especially my “hillbilly” cyberfriend Fantacy.

2 thoughts on “Blessing in Disguise…

  1. fantacy says:

    lol still praying for ya girl! your comments have blessed me so many times and praying for a sister in Christ is always a joy…esp when it is JOY 😉
    Sounds like you are having a blast in spite of some “less than perfect” traveling conditions!
    Your “hairy Max” story about made me spit my ice water on my monitor…isn’t it funny how we come up with names for people and they stick! (that one obviously stuck better than his toupee did)
    Hopefully you will get a chance to peek at my blog when you get home, I am getting ready to post a BUNCH of pics from our day sledding (well they went sledding, I went photographing lol)
    May God continue to bless you with safety and traveling mercy!

  2. K-Ann says:

    Sorry about your delays but just think of them as blessings in disguise! Hope you have a great vacation!

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