The joys of being a Mom…

CIt’s amazing to me how mother-daughter relationships change. You go from them being totally dependent on you – to wanting nothing to do with you – to thinking you are an ATM (LOL). You know everything – then you know NOTHING – and then one day you happen to know a thing or two! I love my girls…I love the technology of internet and cell phones that allows us to stay in touch even if they are scattered from North Carolina to Pennsylvania to Massachusetts. Technology has been great in allowing me to stay in contact with my Mom all the way down in Florida. It’s a marvelous thing – and to think when I went to college in Massachusetts I was 16 hours away from home with none of these things – just snail mail and sometimes a phone call…

This all brings me to this layout. I am really enjoying watching Hilary grow and change. She is getting so excited about her future and the internship possibilites that await her this summer. She has bought a few dressier clothes, a brief case and put together a wonderful portfolio in a leather binder. She has an interview on Tuesday with WGBH, Boston’s PBS channel. She needed a new pair of black shoes, so I got this pix message this week with the question “Which?”. I love the fact that the girls call and ask my opinion; I love being part of their lives.hilarys-shoes.jpg
Credit: Sweet Affection Brag Book Page by Dielle at Digital Freebies

Here’s a picture of Pippin on the huge snowbank.100_4340.jpg

Today was spent just doing housework and Hilary’s taxes. For some reason I was very tired so took a short nap. It is snowing AGAIN. We are supposed to get 4+ inches tonight, then a short break followed by 4+ more. The weatherman said we’ve had over 80 inches of snow so far this winter! As I said the other day, enough already.


One thought on “The joys of being a Mom…

  1. K-Ann says:

    That’s awesome! i love that layout and the idea that she text you to ask which shoe she should get… I like the right foot! (but she didn’t ask my opinion did she!LOL!)

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