Sometimes the right decisions are the hard decisions…

All week I have been struggling with the One Voice Easter performance. I enjoy One Voice, even though it is a huge sacrifice of time. I think I have been an asset to One Voice. I love being with those who are involved in One Voice; however… Easter is very early this year – late March. Guilford High School was not available for the performance, so they have ventured out and booked the “Audi” in Concord. It is a lovely, restored old theatre — 1-1/2 hours away from me (not for most involved though). The past few weeks God has had me involved in the lives of three very different women. I really feel now is my time to minister to them. I know my limitations and I can’t bless them, work full time and keep up with the rest of my life. God finally gave me peace, about 2 AM today, that I can let go and walk away from this performance. I called Dona Lynn, and even though it was a shock to her, she completely understood and supported my decision. I have great peace and look forward to how God is going to use me to bless these women. God is good.

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