God bless foster parents…

I had a great week at school. After a long discussion about coffees and grinding beans versus already ground…I sent a baggie of New Hampshire coffee (freshly ground in the AM) home with a 2nd grade student for her mom.  The next day Izzie found me with a plate of fresh made Pumpkin Bread!  It was still warm! Her mom was a substitute at school that day and was SO thankful for the coffee that she thought I might enjoy a treat with my coffee.  John and I have definitely been enjoying it…especially John. I just realized that I am always the one baking surprises for other people.  This was the first baking surprise I have received since living in Maine where my friend Janet used to bake goodies and bless us with them. God also gave me the opportunity to pray with a friend who had tests on Friday suspecting breast cancer. I’m so glad she came to fine me and asked for prayer.

I spent Saturday cleaning, doing laundry and baking. I seem to go on streaks of having people over and baking for the church. I was responsible for refreshments at church today so made White Trash, cheese and crackers, grapes and baked oatmeal.  It was enjoyed by everyone.

I also made a HUGE crockpot of southern pulled pork yesterday, as well as slaw and a chocolate pound cake because we had company for lunch today.  Bill and Connie started coming to our church about a year ago. They have one son still at home and they are foster parents for others. For the past 4 months they have had one 3rd grade boy and I have really seen God using them to bless his life. They just got another young boy last week and he is a challenge, but I think they are up to it if they can make it through the next few transition weeks.  I am so thankful for people like them who are willing to share their homes and love with children who need love and security.  We had a great lunch and the boys had fun playing with the wii.  They used random “miis” at times and then at other times would choose the JT or Joy “mii” to play and just laugh as they made us do really strange things. One of them really enjoyed making me hit the golf ball in the water and ocean all the time.  They left about 4 PM and after cleaning up I laid down for what was supposed to be a 15 minute nap – I woke up 1-1/2 hours later…

I hope you had a great weekend and if you know foster parents – thank them and pray for them.


2 thoughts on “God bless foster parents…

  1. K-Ann says:

    Your pulled pork!! Yumm!!! I can taste it now!

  2. fantacy says:

    🙂 What a blessed week! It always makes me happy to read a blog entry like this…seeing how God works in “little” ways just to bless us and let us bless others :D…and I 2nd what you said about foster parents, we have a few in our church and they are a blessing to the children they take in AND to everyone around them by example!
    Hope this week is blessed and happy and joyful for you!

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