Well, this has been a weird week. I spent Tuesday and Wednesday painting the dining room and kitchen. Well, techincally I spent Thursday too. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough paint to finish so I stayed up until 2 AM Thursday to finish (in case I had to buy more paint after school on Thursday).  I learned a few things from my 30 hour painting experience.

  • Never ever buy Kilz paint – it is awful…it may cover in one coat but it has a very sticky additive and makes touchups a nightmare.
  • John is much neater at edging than I am. Some painters tape or a plastic edger would have been helpful.
  • You get really messy when you are painting after midnight. Thank goodness for “Oops!” that takes latex off of wood trim.
  • When painting a larger area always get a few pints of color variations and do test patches to be sure which color will look best in the large space.
  • Painting always takes much longer than you think it will.

The walls look fine – it is a little darker than I had hoped. My best description would be a mocha latte with caramel (the coffee lover in me comes out…).

I had another snow day on Friday. Even though it means I will be going to school until the last week of June I really needed the day.  I slept in a little and then started cleaning and cooking since we were having friends for supper. Steve and Pam Spearing and Bryce and Barb Whiting came for a lovely meal, laughs and fun. It was great to have time with them.

I had a prayer breakfast here this morning and then drove to Salem to meet Hilary and Andrew. The brakes on her car are making weird noises, so I changed cars with her. I will get hers fixed and back to her later this week since she and Andrew are headed to his house for J-Term break on Thursday. The car sounds awful – definitely needs brakes and rotors. I was so tired driving home I almost feel asleep a few miles from the house. I walked in the door and fell asleep on the loveseat for 3 hours!!! I couldn’t believe it. Thank goodness for leftovers for supper. I have gotten some laundry done and am ready to crash again. I don’t have to do music or Sunday School at church tomorrow, so that will be nice.  I guess that will allow me to save up my energy for the Patriots big game tomorrow afternoon (LOL).  I have Monday off, but John doesn’t so the plan is to digiscrap. We’ll see if that really happens.

I hope you have had a great week.

One thought on “Whew!

  1. fantacy says:

    🙂 Joy, thank you so much for your email, it meant so much for someone to just say “hey how are ya today?” :D, kinda like checking the mail to find no bills and a fun “just thinkin of you” card :)…
    I am fine just been crazy busy, but have been keeping up on blog reading lol. So glad to hear the painting went off pretty well (even with lessons learned 🙂 ) have a blessed week!!!
    your sister in Christ,

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