Poor John…

John went on call Friday. He had one call Friday and one Saturday. His boss took the calls in the AM, since John was preaching, but he has taken 4 phone calls and gone out on 2 calls this afternoon.  I hope the pager is quiet once he gets back home. I pray for the day when he is working just ONE job.

Hilary headed to ENC today. She made a detour to Milford, NH to see our friends the Cedras Gang.  I do mean gang, 7 kids and 2 parents. Michael is home from Texas and just got engaged, so Hilary got to meet Allison. I guess a July wedding is being planned.

Church went well, although I am always amazed at how chaotic things get when I am getting ready to go over there. I am stressed by the time I arrive. I know it will be easier now that I’m not doing music and Sunday School.  I have at least an 8 week reprieve from Sunday School. It will be good to not feel like John and I are doing everything… God is good though and people are growing spiritually, even if we aren;t growing much in number.


One thought on “Poor John…

  1. caffeinatedimpressions says:

    That was Russian. haha.

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