Happy Birthday, Mom!

It’s been a crazy day. I’ve been trying to organize 100 CDs in my discgear…almost done. Also, there was a BIG refund check for Katie that has been misplaced. I have looked everywhere in the house and gone through ALL the trash bags outside twice (yuk!). I just don’t know what has happened to it. I keep praying, because I know God knows where it is, but He isn’t letting me in on the whereabouts as of yet. How about praying too…thanks.

Today is my Mom’s birthday. I am so proud of her…she is the energizer bunny…although I think some days she has to head to the “charger” more often than she used to. I hope you had a great day Mom. Hugs and Kisses!

Lindsey flew home yesterday – it was good to have her here for 10 days. Hilary is at First Night Wolfeboro with friends. Katie and her Eastern U. gang should be back from First Night soon. Katie and International Toast sang from 8:30-10:00 PM. Here’s the photo that was on the posters and in the newspaper this week.

John got home at 7 PM and was asleep in bed by 8 PM- I hate these long days for him. I guess I’m ringing in the new year alone…oh well. HAPPY NEW YEAR!


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