It’s been a busy few days. Katie made it home and we went to Bill’s funeral on Friday AM. As expexted, the church was packed. It was interesting trying to understand the symbolism in some of the things they do in the Catholic church. I decided I wouldn’t make a good Catholic – the incense gave me a headache (LOL). It was good to see all the kids I had watched grow and thrive under Bill’s loving care and it was good for Katie to be with friends. After the funeral she went to jam with International Toast and eat Chicken Parm (thanks Johnny). I went to finish Christmas and grocery shopping. It snowed again on the ride home and the roads were quite slick. I was thankful for my Subaru and AWD. Satuday was a full day of One Voice rehearsal and my “secret” is now out (it’s OK Mom, I had let it slip to Lindsey earlier in the week…). I am the dancing Hippo in the song “I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas”. Quite a claim to fame, huh?

Katie went to the Kingswood Christmas Concert last night – it was dedicated to Bill. They have had a long term sub for him and I guess the kids and staff really like him. Kate said there were a lot of tears shed during the concert. The part that got to me was when she told of the kids buying and presenting a directing baton to the teacher. The student who gave the baton to him was Bill’s son, Michael. How symbolic of passing the baton…I got tears in my eyes just hearing her tell about it.

After church today, and a nice sit down lunch, I finally got some Oatmeal Raisin Cookies made for John and some sinfully chocolate brownies to take to school…well, Kate and I will need to sample them first. I have been working on the annual Christmas letter and hope to get that in the mail this week. Below is the picture/layout I chose to use. We are supposed to get snow/ice tonight so I may have a school delay in the AM…can’t say I’d complain about that…


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