Monday, December 3rd, a wonderful man, Bill Gibson, passed away after a year long battle with cancer. Bill was Katie’s music teacher, mentor and friend. He was Katie’s cheerleader. He stretched her and taught her. HE is the reason she chose to go to Eastern University to get a Music Ed. degree. She wants to be a High School music teacher…because of him. Bill was loved by so many students and parents and it will be very hard to fill the hole he has left in our hearts. His funeral is Friday. Katie was able to arrange to take her finals and vocal jury early so that she can fly home tomorrow and we can go to the funeral together. I am so glad she can come home. Below is a picture of Lindsey, Katie, Bill and Tasha. Bill called these three girls his “Divas”. When Katie learned of Bill’s cancer last year she decided to paint a portrait of him. Her AP Art teacher helped her add actual photographs of music concerts to the background. Bill was touched by her gift. I discovered today that this painting will be on display at the funeral home tomorrow. I had told Katie that the family would always have her gift and it would remind them of all the lives Bill had touched. You will be deeply missed Gib…

l to r: Lindsey, Katie, Bill, Tasha

The one and only GIB!

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