The Days in a Nutshell…

  • Hilary arrived safely Tuesday – lots of homework
  • Katie arrived safely at 6:15 AM and was surprised when Keith (beau) came with me
  • Jack and Marge arrived safely on Wednesday
  • Baked and baked etc. for Thanksgiving
  • Jack broke his dental plate Thursday AM – Rite Aid had a repair kit and it worked so I didn’t have to use the food processor on his turkey dinner ;0)
  • Great fried turkey dinner
  • Katie left with Jess R. at 4:30 AM Friday to go to Portsmouth shopping
  • Jack broke his plate again Friday AM and Jack and Marge went home Friday
  • I cleaned closets and spent a LONG time organizing CDs with the 100 Selector by Discgear – still not done, but almost
  • Brought up Christmas stuff and set up Christmas tree – will finish tomorrow or Tuesday…then to prime and paint the dining room/kitchen…
  • I leave at 3 AM tomorrow to take Katie back to Portsmouth to catch the bus to Boston and then back to school – Dan Edwards will be riding with her
  • Hilary will leave after church to head back to Quincy
  • I will take a LONG nap Sunday afternoon
  • The Christmas Tree is missing Lindsey’s touch, but here is a very poor photo of the tree and me


One thought on “The Days in a Nutshell…

  1. Lindsey says:

    The tree will have that special, magical touch soon enough.

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