Busy Bee – – – ME!!!


  • Played keyboard at church
  • taught Sunday School at church (part of VeggieTales Madame Blueberry, “A Thankful Heart is a Happy Heart…”) and made Quirky Turkeys with the kids
  • picked up odds and ends for baking for Thanksgiving
  • picked up a Steak Bomb and a wonderful steak and cheese sandwich at R & L Subs – which were thoroughly enjoyed by me and John
  • LINDSEY – all of the following were done while listening to Christmas music – figured that would make you happy…LOL
  • baked Christmas Sugar Cookies and used the wonderful Food Saver to package and freeze them for Christmas
  • made a double batch of Party Mix for Thanksgiving munching
  • tried a new recipe – Alton Brown’s White Trash recipe (cereals, m & ms, pretzels, nuts, dried cranberries in a white chocolate mixture) – not bad – makes a HUGE batch but I’m sure it will be devoured while everyone is home for Thanksgiving
  • did 3 loads of laundry
  • typed up blocking sheets for One Voice
  • WATCHING Patriots vs Bills (GO PATS!!!)
Can you tell I’m feeling better?

John painted the bathroom for me – hooray! Tomorrow we can hang my new shelves! NEXT project…paint dining room/kitchen, but that will wait until after Thanksgiving. John said he’d paint for me if I’d prime the walls. I want to have it done before Christmas.

Well, the football game is calling.


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