MIA and Delayed Stress Syndrome…

So, I’ve been out of the loop for awhile. We didn’t have school Friday and Monday of last week so I had BIG plans for things I wanted to do…my body on the other hand decided it was time to be sick. I spent Sunday afternoon and Monday in bed. I went to school Tuesday and Wednesday, but by then knew it was a sinus infection. I see my Doctor Monday, so they agreed to call in an antibiotic. I stayed home from school and in bed on Thursday. That felt weird – it was the first time I’ve called in sick to work in 13+ years. I felt SO much better on Friday and am back to 98% now. Thank goodness. John took advantage of my being under the weather and went golfing Monday while I was in bed. It was warm enough to golf Monday and we had snow flurries yesterday…

I had great plans for cleaning and baking and freezing some things last week, but it just didn’t happen. This morning I made Hermit cookies for John and some Peanut Butter Cookies (wanted those all week). I have sugar cookie dough mixed up, SO, if I can keep the energy level up, I’ll make sugar cookies when I get back from One Voice and freeze them for Christmas.

When we took Lindsey to college we all bawled. When we took Hilary we all cried. When we took Katie things got a little crazy when we had to leave and she had to go to a meeting, so we didn’t really have time to cry. I shed a silent tear, but that was about it. However, I suffered from Delayed Stress Syndrome while waiting for my prescription this week. All of the sudden the Jack Johnson song, “We’re Better Together” starting playing in the store sound system. I wasn’t hearing Jack Johnson though, I was hearing Katie and Johnny (Gallazelli) singing it and gentle tears started to flow. Thankfully I had myself back together when my prescription was finally ready. Anyway…

It is getting cooler here, but not bad. I have 2 days of school next week and lots of things to do before the girls arrive (minus Lindsey -boo) and John’s folks are coming in Wednesday. If I don’t get back on until after Thanksgiving I hope y’all have a wonderful day and please celebrate all the blessings God has given you.


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