Life in Pictures…

I found someone to take Sunday School for me today, SO I got to go to S. Portland Church of the Nazarene to hear A Capella sing and to see Hilary! Yeah! The concert was great and I was surprised to see friends that used to live in “The County”. Lindsey and Hali were friends in elementary and middle school. The Sirois’ moved to southern ME when we moved to CT. I had not seen or heard from them in 7 years, yet here all 5 of them were plus the son-in-law! They call this church “home”. God has richly blessed them and it was good to see that. I took a picture of Matt and Hali for Lindsey. This is a short week at school and I am psyched to have “me” time later in the week! The Pats gave us a huge scare tonight! John was screaming at the TV and Lindsey was on the phone screaming in my ears. Then Hilary got in on it through text messages! AGHHHH!! At least the Pats are still undefeated!

So, once again there are pictures. The first three Hilary took last weekend. I like them all, but the one of Andrew is my favorite – there is something “dreamy” about it.

Hali & Matt Fortin

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