I’m a Busy Bee…

Let’s see…since last Friday I have:

  • Spent 6 hours Saturday at a One Voice rehearsal/retreat – mostly dance
  • Then spent way too much time stressing over Sunday School (like how to provide for children ages 5-11 in the same room and 3 of them with special needs) – God has taken care of it – or me anyway – and I’m doing the best I can with what I have…
  • Stayed up TOO late watching the Red Sox..went to bed at midnight – glad I didn’t stay up til 2 AM for the losing game…
  • Sunday had 8 kids in Sunday School and all went OK
  • After lunch John and I took a drive across the Kancamagus Highway to see the foliage and had hoped to hike…it started raining so we came home
  • Monday made a fast trip to Walmart after school, to get Sunday School supplies; picked up a pizza for John and headed to Meredith for a 2 hour One Voice Rehearsal
  • Yesterday tried to catch up on some hoursework and spent time working on a Veggietale Lagoon background for Sunday School
  • Today – crazy day at school – worked on the “Lagoon” at church, fixed supper/cleaned up and went back to finish the “Lagoon”
  • At supper realized that John can’t go pick Katie up at the airport because he is on call…SOOO if her plane leaves on time I’ll get home around 12:45 AM…oops – she just sent a text – plane’s going to be at least 10 minutes late (ya gotta love the Philly airport – you can never get out of there on time…)

I am really glad Katie will be home for a few days, but I know she’ll spend a good bit of it with friends. I am glad God is giving me peace about how much work this Sunday School thing is going to be for me…maybe in a few months I’ll get a few more Units modified so someone else can teach…In the meantime, I think the kids will have fun and after this intial setup stuff it shouldn’t be as stressful. I want these kids to see Jesus through what we do as a group and I want them to see Jesus in me.

Well, in about 15 minutes I hope to be in the car headed to Manchester Airport…pray for safety for the late night trip AND that I’ll be able to survive school tomorrow on very little sleep…


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